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  • Reactivity: barking and lunging on leash

  • Fearful, anxious, or timid dogs

  • Loose leash walking

  • Excessive barking

  • Life skills such as leave it, trade, going to place, etc. 

  • Rescue dogs & newly adopted dogs

  • Home care such as nail care, baths, grooming, and other handling

  • Over enthusiastic greeters

  • And more!



Working with me includes...

  • 1:1 virtual training sessions

  • Customized training and behavior modifications plans tailored to you and your dog's needs

  • Step by step instructions and video guidance, where possible

  • Educational resources

  • Email & chat support between sessions

A teammate and dog trainer all in one: I will... ​​

  • Coach and guide you through your dog's training and behavior modification plans using the most up to date techniques

  • Teach you how to effectively communicate with your dog

  • Help you view your dog's behavior through a different lens

  • Hold space for you without judgement - we all start somewhere!

  • Be your personal cheerleader every step of the way​


If you're ready to start viewing the glass as half full, start with an Initial Consultation.

What's included:

  • Discuss your dog's behavior and lifestyle in depth

  • Establish S.M.A.R.T. training goals that we will work towards

  • Introduce solutions that will provide immediate relief

  • Begin foundational training exercises

This session is required before booking a package so that I can get the full picture before making recommendations custom to you and your dog. 


"Mallory is a wonderful, empathic, compassionate dog trainer who has taught me so much about dog behavior and helped me and my dog immensely...Under Mallory's thoughtful instruction, my dog... developed greater confidence and made progress toward our cooperative care goals. I can't recommend Mallory and her well-organized, convenient virtual training services enough!"

- Chloe & Claudette

"Mallory has fundamentally changed the relationship we have with our dog... We feel more confident dealing with our dog's challenges, and our dog is calmer and happier throughout her days. We have been enrolled in Mallory's trick class and seen her as a private client - both were vastly superior to any of the number of training services we had tried before meeting her. We love Mallory!!!"

- Liz, Sarah, & Ellie

"Any pet parent that has a fearful or reactive dog can relate with how frustrating and helpless you feel... I was having that problem with my teenage dog... When I look back at all of our sessions, each of them added a variety of tools that I could use for pretty much every problem or situation that I was struggling with... I can tell that my little dog is gaining confidence and exploring a lot more than before but most importantly, I can see that he trusts me even more which is priceless!"

- Tamara & Oso

Training Packages

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After your initial consultation, it's highly recommended that you purchase a training package. Don't worry! I'll be here for you every step of the way.

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