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 You and your unique situation will

require unique solutions.

We will work together as a team in virtual private dog training sessions to help you create sustainable solutions for both ends of the leash. By learning how to effectively communicate with your dog, teaching you the skills to reduce and prevent undesirable behaviors while teaching more desirable ones, I will help you feel you empowered & optimistic moving forward in your life with your dog.


Fun group classes from the

convenience of your own home

Classes are held virtually via Zoom so if you have an anxious, fearful, or otherwise behaviorally "rich" pup, you don't have to worry about other people or dogs, because I will coach you from convenience and comfort of your own home. Classes are kept small to ensure a high level of individual attention an coaching. Classes are also recorded and sent out right after each class ends.

Current offerings include Trick Dog class for each level of Do More With Your Dog title and Don't Sweat the Small DogClasses are offered on a monthly basis and sell out quick. To be notified of group class offerings, please sign up for my email list using the button below.



FREE Do More With Your Dog Title Evaluation!

If you have been independently training to achieve a title through Do More With Your Dog, I am qualified to judge submissions for Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, masters, and specialty titles for FREE. Reach out to me via the Contact form and provide me with a link to a video or a folder of videos of your dog performing tricks demonstrated with the appropriate level of skill required for the title you are submitting for. For more information on the requirements at each level, please take a look at Do More With Your Dog's website


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