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Photo of a small tan and merle dog with pointy ears standing on top of a skateboard.


  • Looking for a fun way to provide physical and mental exercise while creating a stronger bond with your dog?

  • Wanting to participate in dog sports but find the environment is not a good fit for you or your dog?

  • Looking earn a trick titles but feel overwhelmed?

Virtual Trick Dog classes are for you! Each level of class from novice to expert introduces fun, new tricks that anyone and any dog can learn. By the end of class you will not only have earned a Do More With Your Dog trick title, but a stronger bond with your pup!  


Easy to implement training skills such as... 

  • How to use marker or clicker training to teach your dog new tricks

  • How to set  you and your dog up for success to learn tricks quickly and easily

  • Troubleshooting for when you get stuck

New, fun tricks that you and your dog can show off while... 

  • Earning a Do More With Your Dog trick title

  • Providing your dog with mental and physical exercise for a calmer, happier dog

  • Creating a stronger bond through positive reinforcement training



"Even though I've taken many other classes with my dog, I still learned so much from our Engineering Optimism classes. One thing that surprised me is how quickly my dog picked up on tricks using Mallory's methods. Mallory teaches using force free methods and positive reinforcement. She watches closely throughout class to make sure each dog is remaining comfortable and avoiding too much frustration."

- Britt & Rizza

"My dog and I have now taken both her intermediate and advanced trick classes, and we have had an absolute blast both times. She does a great job going through the basics... and leads you step by step through each lesson... I was intimidated about trying to earn our advanced trick title, but Mallory made it not only feel like an achievable goal but also a great hour of bonding and fun for me and my dog!"

- Eva & Mavi

"The online format is convenient and just as engaging as an in person class... The sessions provide plenty of opportunities to not only see the tricks demonstrated... but also offer plenty of time to practice and ask questions. Mallory was wonderful in providing different methods to get each trick and provided thoughtful troubleshooting tips that were tailored to each dog-handler team"

- Felicia & Benny

Photo of a tri-color Rat Terrier pressing an orange button with her front paw.


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


Group classes are announced monthly. Due to the small class size, there is limited availability for enrollment. To be notified first of future class offerings, join the wait list.

Got it! I'll email you next time class is scheduled.

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